Cannabis Gift Basket Ideas

by | Oct 3, 2023 | A High Class Blog, Recommended Products

This is the first post in a series created to give you and the weed lovers in your life some Cannabis-related gift ideas. This post focuses on gift basket rolling tray ideas for those who love the old-fashioned way of consuming cannabis. 

Cannabis gift package idea.Once you enter High Class, our greeter is there to say, “Hello!” You’ll turn the corner and notice display cases full of eye candy for the traditional cannabis connoisseur. Our budtender-attended counter faces the retail store but it’s hard to walk past all the colours and products without stopping for at least a moment to check a few of them out.

But what do you do when you’re short on time or money? Most people enter our store on a mission. So if you’re looking for some gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life, or you want to give your loved ones a well-appreciated gift idea for yourself, then share this post with them!

Cannabis-Inspired Gift Basket Tray Ideas

Cannabis gift ideas with purple theme.

A true gift from the heart shows the receiver that you know them well. Gift baskets (or in tihs case, rolling trays) are a great way to choose a bunch of little gifts that they truly want but are considered luxuries and normally aren’t in the budget.

At High Class, we have one large display case dedicated to showcasing potential gift ideas based on rolling trays and various cannabis-related products, such as lighters and grinders. They build from there on a certain theme of colour and/or flavour.

For instance, one of our budtenders created a collage of tiny gifts for her friend who loves grapes, and another created a gift basket for her cousin knowing she loves melons. Within these gifts, they included rolling papers and edibles that they were sure to be well-received, and other cannabis paraphernalia that matched the theme.

Variety of Cannabis Products at High Class Weed tray with matching paraphernalia.

We have a plethora of cannabis products and paraphernalia that you can choose from to make your own unique gift basket for the cannabis lovers in your life.

Some of these include:

  • 30+ types of rolling papers, many flavoured
  • Flavoured terpene-rich natural hemp leaf wraps
  • grinders
  • lighters
  • decorative cases
  • portable pipes
  • pipe screens
  • hemp products, like lip balm
  • smoke clips
  • rolling tips, some flavoured

And this is just the tip of the iceberg! We invite you to personally visit our store or shop online. You will find many options to create your individualized gift baskets based on your cannabis lovers’ wants and needs.

We hope this post has given you some cannabis-inspired gift ideas. We realize, however, that most of this article has been tailored for those who consume cannabis with dried flower. Stay tuned for more in this series that help you find the perfect gift for those who consume cannabis in more cosmopolitan ways!