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by | Sep 8, 2023 | A High Class Blog

Product displays inside AHCJ, Renfrew Cannabis Retail Store. Welcome to a High Class blog! You’re here because you have an interest in cannabis. As a result, we created this website section as a cannabis resource to help you along your journey. You’re also very welcome to visit us in person at our Renfrew cannabis retail store. Our budtenders will assist you in fulfilling your recreational needs with cannabis products

The Wacky World of Cannabis Tabacky

Cannabis is a very unique plant. Hell, let’s be honest, it’s a down-right confusing substance! Most first-time users have no idea where to start, and even the most seasoned tokers cannot begin to explain its different classes, strains, and effects on a person.

This psychoactive plant has been used for centuries for a wide variety of reasons both recreational and medicinal. As with many other natural, pharmaceutical, and recreational drugs, proper dosing is difficult to determine before use.

Many factors contribute to how a person reacts to cannabis, such as:

  • our biological systems,
  • how much is consumed,
  • how it’s consumed (i.e. smoking and vaping vs. edibles),
  • its intended purpose, and
  • the different circumstances surrounding the time when it’s ingested (or when the effects begin), such as on an empty stomach, other drugs in the system, and sometimes even the people around you.

The blanket advice is, “Start low and go slow.” This means we take a low dose, wait a while, and see how we feel. If we don’t get the intended effect, we try a little more next time. Repeat until we experience the desired effect. This is called, “titrating” in the world of pharmaceuticals.

Cannabis research has only begun in earnest in the past few years as cannabis has slowly become more widely legalized. Advocates have been pushing for decades for its legalization, mainly for medicinal purposes, such as with the use of CBD in children with epilepsy.

Finally, we are at an exciting turning point in cannabis history! We can truly investigate all the possible benefits and ill effects of cannabis on a global, national, and personal basis.

Building Renfrew’s #1 Cannabis Resource

Disclaimer: We are a recreational cannabis retail store, and so we must direct all your medicinal questions about cannabis to a licensed cannabis medical practitioner. 

Although we cannot offer medical advice, we are happy and legally able to share factual information and education about cannabis!  This is where our blog comes in handy.

Over time, we’ll build this section of our website so that eventually all your burning questions about cannabis will be answered. We will sort out the pseudoscience and share only the information from trusted resources. You will have a clear starting point in your cannabis journey, gain more (legitimate) knowledge about this fascinating plant, and become your own cannabis scientist.

Our blog has several different categories to help you find the information you seek. Within these categories, we will share informative and educational content about cannabis, including High Class’s brand preferences to help you get started with your research and self-discoveries.

These sections will include: Inside Renfrew cannabis store

  • Starter Guides
  • Research Studies
  • Myth vs. Fact
  • Recommended Products
  • High Class Just-for-Fun posts

As time goes on we will add to these sections and eventually, narrow them down to subsections to make it easier for you to find more detailed information. We welcome you to leave comments and start a conversation.

Thank you for choosing us as one of your trusted cannabis resources, and for being patient as we build this resource to become Renfrew’s #1 online cannabis resource. We look forward to becoming a key component of your ongoing cannabis journey!