420 High Class Staff Picks

by | Apr 11, 2024 | A High Class Blog, Recommended Products

Whether you’re getting ready for 420 celebrations or just looking for some new cannabis products to try, you’ll appreciate this article. Our High Class staff have all recommended their favourite products currently in stock.

Important note: each product links to our Renfrew online menu. If you want to shop Cobden, product links are in brackets at the end of each description, along with alternative options if our Cobden dispensary doesn’t carry the exact recommendation.

High Class Recommendations for 420 2024

The only real complaint any of our staff has is that there are too many choices and not enough time to try them all! Hopefully, our recommended products will help you narrow down some of your choices, at least in your preparations for 420!

  1. Ray’s Lemonade and GMO Cookies Spinach Stix. Sherrill, classy co-owner and dispensary operator, suggests pairing these two new products for your festivities. Ray’s drink tastes like the lemonade from the Big Lemon at the fair, while Spinach rolls us up (10 x 0.35g) the infamous GMO Cookies (Chemdawg x GSC lineage) indica strain. If that’s not your type of combo, see her in the store; she’ll have the perfect products for your wants and needs. (Shop Cobden: Ray’s Lemonade and GMO Cookies Spinach Stix).
  2. Savage Oh J’s and Potluck’s Burst Collection. Holly, our High Class manager loves Elvis and her smoke (but not on duty, Sherrill and Tony!). She recommends these two infused and heavy-hitting products to enjoy on Cannabis Day. The Savage J’s (3 x 0.5 g) and Potluck collection pack (4 x 0.5g): Berry Cherry, Watermelon Wave, Banana Breeze, and Orange Twist. (Shop Cobden: Strawberry Fuego Diamond Infused prerolls (3 x 0.5g) and Shred X’s Rainbow Heavies (3 x 0.5g infused with distillate and diamonds: Blueberry Blaster, Mother Pucker Peach and Gnarberry).
  3. Acapulco Gold (3.5g or 7g) and Mollo Lemon Seltzer. Mallory is one of our most experienced budtenders, and rocks the display cases in the Renfrew dispensary! She feels these products are perfect for 420 festivities. Why? Acapulco Gold is a quality sativa bud that usually improves happiness, inspiration, and energy. At the same time, the Mollo Lemon has CBG, a minor cannabinoid known to be uplifting. (Shop Cobden: Acapulco Gold (3.5g or 7g) and Mollo Lemon Seltzer.)
  4. Dragonfruit 510 Vape and Tiki Tang Disposable. Cody is our other seasoned High Class budtender and knows his vapes. Both options are a high THC hybrid with relaxing and energizing effects, ideal for 420 parties. Hang around the shop, and eventually, you’ll hear Cody belt out a bang-on impression that’ll leave you in stitches! (Shop Cobden: Dragonfruit 510 cart and Mosa X Blood Orange Disposable.)
  5. Couch Lock Kush Blunt and Vanilla Frost Boost. Jordan rounds out our budtender team in Renfrew, and is super creative. She loves her blunts while the weather is fine and recommends “Something to celebrate the innovation in the industry for non-smokers like our chips or a nice beverage. Vanilla Frost is my favourite!” Boost drinks are caffeinated, so they balance out the kush blunt nicely. (Shop Cobden: Boxhot Peach OG Infused Stubby Blunts (3 x 0.5g) and Cosmic Cherry Lime THC+CBG+Caffeine.)
  6. Baby Jeeters Mutli-Pack and Pocket Puffs (Sativa or Indica). Tammy, the first budtender hired for the Cobden dispensary, is a true legacy toker. She likes to roll her own but thinks convenience might be useful for 420 parties. Tammy recommends the dime bag Pocket Puffs (4 x 0.5g) for value and the infused Baby Jeeters (5 x .5g) with Blue ZKZ, Fire OG, Strawberry Sour Diesel, Bubba G, and Mango Sherbs for fun. (Shop Cobden: Triple Threat (3 x 0.5g) and Pocket Puffs (Sativa or Indica).
  7. Blueberry Yum Yum pre-rolls and XMG Black Cherry Seltzer with MOD Berry Drops. Alexa is the latest addition to the High Class budtender team and knows her stuff by testing! Her current favourite pre-roll is the sativa-dominant Blueberry Yum Yum (10 x 0.3g). Alexa also likes to get creative and highly recommends the XMG Black Cherry Seltzer (zero sugar!) with a few drops of the Berry MOD drops (60 x 1mg THC) mixed in (Warning, this increases THC levels, so please ask us if you have any questions before mixing products!). (Shop Cobden: Blueberry Yum Yum, XMG ALT Black Cherry, and Berry MOD Drops.)
  8. Fifty Triple Infused Premium Blunt and Good Day Iced Tea Mango Green Tea. Steph is excited to recommend a 420-party product each for the THC light-weights and heavy-weights! She believes “the Fifty blunt is pretty” and packs a powerful punch with a triple infusion of a hash crown tip and distillate-infused milled flower coated in potent crushed diamonds, all wrapped up in a chamomile leaf. The Good Day Iced Tea is a new product (5mg THC) made with Pedro’s Sweet Sativa for an uplifting experience. Steph budtends in Cobden, fills in for buds in Renfrew and blogs/posts for High Class. (Shop Cobden: Fifty Triple Infused Blunt and Good Day Iced Tea Mango Green Tea.)

Do any of these recommendations float your boat? We hope something here will help you celebrate 420 2024 how you like it. What are you doing for 420 this year?