Cannabis Edible Treats for A High Class Halloween

by | Oct 26, 2023 | A High Class Blog, Recommended Products

Halloween is a FUN holiday, no matter what your age! Even the most low-key people choose to celebrate it by watching scary movies, munching on popcorn and, perhaps, other treats. If you’re a recreational cannabis user, this list of recommended cannabis edibles may transform your adult holiday plans into a Happy Highaween! 🎃 

Cannabis Infused Gummies

There’s nothing like candy to bring you back to an age when all we had to worry about at Halloween was what costume to wear! oh, and of course, which neighbourhoods we were going to cover hoping to get the best treats.

When you’re gathering the treats to give out to the kiddies, please don’t forget yourself and stop by High Class (or order online). You’ll find that we have more than just a few cannabis-infused candies from which to choose.

Here are just a couple of cost-effective options:

Pearls Gummies – $5 +tax

Sourz by Spinach – $6 +tax

Five peices per package at 2 mg THC.

Four flavours to choose from:

Wana (Quick) – $9 +tax

Strawberry Lime (Hybrid). Two pieces per package, each at 4.5mg THC and CBD, 1:1.

Cannabis Infused Beverages

When it was time for trick or treating as a kid, I always remembered the houses that gave out my favourite treats. You know, “the good stuff.” Like the chocolate bars and, you guessed it, cans of soda pop!

These houses were the unicorns of the halloween trek through the numerous neighbourhoods of Renfrew.

Now that you’re an adult and can buy soda all you want, it doesn’t mean that much anymore. Does it? However, with legalized cannabis in Canada and producers coming out with cannabis-infused beverages, soda has become a special treat once again for adults.

We have many to choose from but we especially like (and so do our customers) this particular brand:

Collective Project – $9 +tax

Cannabis Infused Salty Snacks

Mini bags of potato chips were definitely one of the holy grails of Halloween treats. We shudder to remember the apples we fished out of our bags at the end of the night. Heck, our households were full of THOSE healthy treats. (Thanks, Mom and Dad! We mean that, but just not on Halloween!)

As with the soda pop, adults can treat themselves to any sort of salty snack we want and at any time. Cannabis-infused salty edibles are a different matter, though! Here are a few that we stock at High Class:

Salt ‘N Vinegar Krisps – $9 +tax

These babies taste just like Miss Vicky’s salt ‘n vinegar chips! They contain 10 mg THC per bag.

Beef Jerky – $13 +tax

Say, what!? That’s right. Beef jerky infused with cannabis. Each package contains 10 mg of THC.

Bet you never got beef jerky in your Halloween bag as a kid!

These are just a few examples of our extensive line of cannabis-infused edibles. Whether it’s for an adult Halloween party, just chilling out to some scary movies, or for whatever occasion you want to treat your adult-self. Visit us in person at our Renfrew cannabis retail store to discover all that we have to offer. Or conveniently shop online. Don’t forget we have free delivery!