Find the Right Green for You With a Cannabis Tracking Tool

by | Nov 3, 2023 | A High Class Blog, Starter Guides

Cannabis is a very personal experience. In today’s article, we explain a Cole’s Notes’ version of why this is so, and we got a little crazy by creating a cannabis tracking tool! This tool helps you discover which cannabis variety, type and amount works best for you. 

In our previous article, Truth About Cannabis Varieties, we shared how these three varieties are named more for the look of the plant rather than how it effects a person when it’s consumed. Moreover, it is very rare to find a pure Sativa or Indica these days. Most cannabis plants now are Hybrid with a dominance in either Sativa or Indica.

However, when you go to a Cannabis Retail Store, most budtenders ask if you’re looking for one of these three varieties. Cannabis is such a complex plant that we have to start somewhere! For those who’ve been partaking for years, they’ve typically found what works for them, and will use the varieties as a starting point to ask about their options.

Cannabis Explained (A Little Bit)

Some people say, “At the end of the day, weed is weed.” If you’re simply looking to get high, that may be true.

We bet that these people, though, have had a “bad trip” once or twice, or maybe even more. They may be confused as to why cannabis works for them sometimes, but not all the time. On the otherhand, there are other people who want to learn as much as they can about cannabis and it’s particular nuances. That’s us!

This entire blog has been created so that we can all learn together as we unravel the mysteries of this fascinating plant. So, without going into too much detail (as we’ll be covering all this information in separate future posts), we know that science has uncovered the following:

  • Cannabis is a whole plant made up of many natural chemicals. Cannabinoids, like THC and CBD, are just the starting point. Other chemicals have been found in abundance, like terpenes and flavinoids.
  • It is the combination of all these chemicals (called, The Entourage Effect) that creates the full experience one has when they consume cannabis. (Here’s one study on the effects of different combinations of terpenes and cannabinoids.)
  • Science has also recently uncovered that humans have an entire system within our bodies made up of cannabinoids, called the Endocannabinoid System.

My Canna Tracker Sample canna tracker

If you haven’t already before reading this article, you’re beginning to understand there’s so much more to cannabis than simply the three varieties to consider!

Besides the above information, your experience may also depend on other factors, such as how much food and water you’ve had before consuming it, other drugs in your system, the amount of the dose, as well as how you’re feeling, the environment, and who you’re hanging with when you consume it.

This is why we say the best approach to cannabis is to become your own scientist! But that advice only goes so far. So, we created My Canna Tracker as a tool to help you investigate what cannabis works for you. (See the sample image to the right.)

Remember: the industry-wide recommendation is to, “Start Low and go slow.”

We hope you find My Canna Track by A High Class Joint a helpful tool in your cannabis journey. If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact us directly through your preferred method of old fashioned calling, Facebook messager, or drop into our Cannabis retail store in-person!