Holiday Party Pack Ideas Using Cannabis (Bonus: Safety Tips!)

by | Dec 19, 2023 | A High Class Blog, Recommended Products, Starter Guides

What to bring to the holiday parties this season? Wine, cheese, or cannabis? If you’re looking to have a cannabis experience this Christmas, this article may help you choose some party supplies for your travels. Plus, several safety tips for consuming it.

Whether you’re buying for yourself or bringing cannabis to share at a party, we’ve some suggestions to include in a DIY cannabis party pack for the holidays. We also share some best practices when you choose to share your cannabis! We’ve highlighted and italicized these cannabis safety consumption tips throughout the post.

Remember, when you choose to share cannabis, be respectful and responsible by also sharing the dose and potency of ingredients. Especially psychotropics like THC. Everyone has their own tolerance levels. Some people have never tried it and don’t want to; some partake only on special occasions, and their tolerance levels are generally very low.

Having too much THC in a cannabis experience really sucks. Moreso for the holiday season.

First, understand the amount of THC you bring to one sitting. This blog post on How to Read Cannabis Product Labels may be a good start, but we strongly recommend you learn about all the factors that can affect the cannabis experience before sharing it with inexperienced users. You’ll find a few more below.

DIY Cannabis Holiday Party Packs

Many of our customers have been substituting cannabis for alcohol. Mixing the two, however, is a recipe for disaster. If you’ve never made this mistake before, consuming alcohol and cannabis together is not fun. We recommend sticking to one or the other in your celebration libations. If you share your cannabis, please avoid giving it to anyone who is drinking alcohol.

CBD-only products have little to zero amount of THC in them. The typical experience with this cannabis extract does NOT include a “high” (although all cannabis experiences are personal). In fact, CBD counteracts the psychoactive effects of THC. We recommend including CBD-only products (see options below) in your party pack to help control a cannabis experience.

renfrew cannabis dispensary holiday hours Top 3 Party Pack Cannabis Products

Remember when creating your holiday party pack that edible cannabis products are made with either sugar or fat. Why is this important? Cannabis has a different time release depending on the delivery method. Basically, the time you have to wait before it “kicks in” and your cannabis experience begins.

TIP: Patience is key to having a pleasant cannabis experience. Wait the suggested maximum time before trying more cannabis in one sitting. Impatience may result in consuming too much THC.

If smoked, its effects are almost instantaneous to 10 minutes or so. Sugar-based cannabis may take 30 mins to an hour or so. Fat-based (like butter and oil) products release more slowly in the body, anywhere from 1-1.5 hours before you may start to feel its effects. (More on this in a future blog post!).

1. Cannabis-infused Beverages (look in this link for hot cannabis-infused drinks, like coffee and hot chocolate!)

2. Cannabis-infused Edibles.

3. Cannabis Vapes

Beverages, edibles, and vapes are the most common subs for alcohol. For all the smokers out there, we’ve tons of options in flower, pre-rolls, hash, and other concentrates. Shop online for a list of products you may like to include in your DIY holiday party pack with cannabis.