Top 10 High Class Christmas Gift Ideas

by | Dec 15, 2023 | A High Class Blog, Recommended Products

Last-minute gifts tend to get some of the best reactions, don’t they? The countdown is on, and we’ve got a few fun and exciting cannabis gifts for you and the cannabis lovers in your life. As an added option, check out our post on Cannabis Gift Basket Rolling Tray Ideas and personalize your own DYI gift basket by picking out small items in the shop.

You won’t be disappointed when you plan to spend some time browsing in person at our dispensary in Renfrew. You’ll be surprised to see all the little odds and ends of cannabis accessories that you just don’t think of purchasing until you see them. And we’re a fun team. Right now, we’re playing “Snoop on a Shelf.” Everyone who spots him wins a small prize!

Renfrew dispensary gift card This post is for those who don’t have a lot of time. This will give you a few ideas and an opportunity to make a list before you come into the shop. Or you can always order online, (call to order the special holiday items listed below) and we’ll deliver it to your door!

10 Holiday Cannabis Gift Ideas

Here are our 10 best cannabis gift ideas sold in our cannabis shop for the holidays (some of them in limited quantities).

  1.  Gift Cards. ($10-$15-$50-$100 options). We know, not that sexy… But, it really IS the perfect gift for someone you “kinda” know or when you don’t have the time to fully personalize a gift. Anyone who you may think could benefit from CDB products and who’s open to trying them may appreciate a gift card. At the same time, all the cannabis enthusiasts in your life would be tickled pink to shop on their own and pick their own gift.
  2. Pre-made Gift Baskets. (Between $6 and $50.) These are GREAT in a pinch! Our budtenders came up with a variety of options at different prices and have sold a few already. We have less than half a dozen left.
  3. Surprise Bags. ($20-$60, valued between $40-$100).  These are fun for anyone who loves all things cannabis and surprises and is always up for trying new things. A variety of cannabis and accessories; if you’re not particular, we chose good products, and you know you’re getting a deal. Hey, maybe this is a good gift for yourself, eh?
  4. Traditional holiday card (not a gift card!) includes a pack of 100 Zig Zags. This is a perfect compliment to any of the above-mentioned gifts or to go with the slippers you know your brother needs!
  5. Holiday Helpers Pre-roll Mix Pack. ($76.84 tax in). Good Supply gives us a total of 12.6g, 36 x 0.35g joints, twelve of each cultivar: Jean Guy (sativa). Lava Fuel (hybrid), and Wedding Cake (indica) in this holiday pack. These might come in handy during the holidays, yes? We’ve only six left of this limited item.
  6.  Stocking Stuffers ($24.86 tax in) and Stocking Puffers. ($25.99 tax in). Redees Hemp’d offers a pack of 10 pre-rolls of their hybrid cultivar called `Stocking Stuffer.’ Pure Farms offers a 7-pack of half-gram joints (3.5g in total) of their cultivar called `Stocking Puffers.’
  7. Bongs. Beautiful Bongs. ($38 – $130). There are so many to choose from with different sizes and colours. We highly suggest coming to see them in person at the shop, but if you’d prefer, you can find them online under our accessories link.
  8. Cannabis Bath Bombs. (Single: $18.08, 3-pack: $32.77 (tax in prices). The Blue Dream Bath Bomb is scented with mango butter and notes of essential oils from lavender, lemon grass, black pepper, and sweet orange. It’s a 1:1 THC/CBD: 50mg each, 42.5%-57.5%. In the 3-pack, you get Blue Dream, as well as, Bubba Kush and Chocolate Hashberry. All 1:1, 50mg each THC/CBD per bomb.
  9. Candles from Beamer. ($18.08 tax in). From their Smoke Killer Collection, we have Italian Espresso Crack. It contains natural smoke and odor-killing enzymes. From their Aromatic Home Series, we have their Super High Pecan Pie. See main post image.
  10. CBN Nighttime Formula ($45). A 1:2 (THC/CBN) oil, 300mg of total CBN and 600mg total of THC per 30ml bottle. Each drop (activation) of this product contains approximately 0.28mg of CBN, 0.55mg of THC, and 0.03mg of CBD. The carrier oil is a coconut/palm-based MCT.

We hope this list helped you narrow down the choices of gift ideas for the cannabis lover in your life. From stocking stuffers to cannabis strains named the same, from fancy glass bongs to smoke-killing candles. All with different price points!

renfrew cannabis dispensary holiday hours Stop in our Renfrew dispensary during holiday hours:

December 15 – 16   9 am – 9 pm
December 17         11 am -6 pm
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