New High Class Winter Clothing Anyone Can Wear!

by | Feb 5, 2024 | A High Class Blog, Just for Fun

Thinking of those who want to support High Class without the marijuana leaf, our talented graphic designers came up with a solution for branding. Check out some of our winter clothing options.   

We have another half of the winter to experience, and High Class has warm clothing for you or someone you know would appreciate it. Now, with our new bi-coloured green maple leaf logo, we appeal to a larger crowd!

We have High Class hoodies, vests, and smoking jackets now available with our new, versatile logo. If we don’t have a size left that you want, please leave a request with one of our staff.

High Class Winter Apparel

  1. Smoking jacket. $100 +tax.
  2. Various hoodies in black and grey. $60-90 +tax.
  3. Touques. $25 +tax. Grey, black, and white, depending on stock.
  4. Puffy Vest. $90 +tax.

We also have summer apparel in the form of ball caps, v-neck and round-neck tees. Check out our apparel link from our website to see our clothing line. 

Would you like us to brand some clothing you don’t see that we currently offer? Please let us know in the comments below.