The Best Smoke for Your Horoscope: Part III

by | Nov 28, 2023 | A High Class Blog, Just for Fun

This is the final post in a 3-part series where we used cannabis cultivars and matched them up to sun signs. If you’re Aries, Taurus, Gemini, or Cancer, check out this link. If you’re a Leo, Virgo, Libra, or Scorpio, check out this link. This post covers: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces in this latest list of the best dope for your horoscope!   

Please remember, all of this is just for fun! There is absolutely no scientific data to back this up (hahaha). We kept it simple and used cannabis cultivars from flower we have in stock at High Class. Stay tuned for upcoming posts where we use other cannabis products and match them up with your astrology sign.

Smoke for your Horoscope

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21). Fire sign. Represented by the Archer.

Known as the Knowledge-Seekers of the Zodiac; people born under the sun sign of Sagittarius are curious, passionate, intense, and adaptive. You have a great sense of humour and adventure in your quest to discover the true meaning of life. Sagittarians are dedicated to finding the truth, find it impossible to lie, and disparage those who do lie. In fact, you can be so brutally honest that learning tactfulness may help you forge more meaningful, steadfast relationships. Your freedom is of utmost importance, so you tend to form the strongest bonds with those who understand this about you. You also seem to be incredibly strong story-tellers, entertainers, and creatives.

We suggest: Liberty Haze

Why? This Sativa dominant strain from Costa-Canna is named after the freedom you prefer. It appeals to your high standards as it is hand-harvested, hang dried, hand-picked, and hand packed. A cross between G13 and Chew Dawg, it will give you the effect of being creative, energetic, focused, happy, and inspired. This strain will allow you to direct your fiery energy into nature walks, bike travels, or horseback rides. It may also allow you to continue being you, but perhaps give you enough focus to be conscientious in how your words affect others.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19). Earth sign. Represented by the Sea-Goat.

Known as the Achievers of the Zodiac. Those born under the sun sign of Capricorn are ambitious, often serious, and single-minded to a fault. You’re goal-oriented with an unwavering focus on the Big Picture. You’re determined to overcome all obstacles, get annoyed by details and superfluous information, and are hard-working visionaries, leaders, and trail-blazers. Capricorns are known for their poise and sophistication, unrivalled talents, and balance of confidence and humility. You have fearless ambition, limitless resilience, and a secret wild, mischievous trouble-maker side. Capricorns are known to age backwards; that is, you have increasing youthful optimism and playfulness as you age (and after you’ve achieved your goals).

We suggest: Organic Gold Butter MAC

Why? This Hybrid strain with an Indica dominance by The Green Organic Dutchman grown in living soil using natural sunlight and purified rain water. This orginal phenotype is grown from a Peanut Butter Breath and Quebec Gold male, and a MAC-1 female. This strain will appeal to the Sagittarian’s high quality standards – we know you prefer hand-crafted furnishings and well-made things, including superior, well-made everything! You tend to choose a quality brand name over those in vogue because you know they will pass the test of time. This strain may help you relax while you’re attaining your goals, and you’ll enjoy it even more once you’ve achieved them.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18). Air sign. Represented by the Water-Bearer.

Known as the Innovators of the Zodiac; people born under the sun sign of Aquarius are the rebellious, progressive, revolutionary, mystical healers of the world. Your mission is to make the world a better place. You have no patience for small talk or gossip, you’re only interested in discussions that involve “we” and macro plans for the greater good. Aquarians want everyone to be happy. You sometimes resemble a momma duck, where people follow you to seek your inspiration. You can often be seen teaching unusual topics. Your sense of style is unique and sometimes dazzling, you are often ahead of the latest trends.

We suggest: London Pound Mints

Why? Seed Junky Genetics has taken the mysterious London Pound Cake and crossed it with something quite special! It’s been crossed with Sunset Sherbet and an unknown Indica cultivar which lends heavy grape, berries and gas aromas. Add Kush Mints #11 to the mix and you have a flavour profile unlike all others. This Indica-dominant hybrid will appeal to your sense of unique style, and may offer you some down-time to meditate on how you will bring humanity one step closer to fairness and justice.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20). Water sign. Represented by Two Fish Swimming in Opposite Directions.

Known as the most Empathic of the Zodiac; people born under the sun sign of Pisces are one-of-a-kind as you have a combination of the attributes of ALL twelve Zodiac signs. It’s easy for you to identify with others. In fact, if someone asks you to “define yourself,” you may have difficulty complying with this task, but you’ve learned to blend in and withdraw with skill. You’ve learned to intuit what others seek and fulfill the gap. You have intuition, compassion, psychic ability, sensitivity, and artistic imagination. You’re driven by deep emotional understanding and creativity. Like your astrological symbol of two fish swimming in opposite directions, you have one foot in fantasy and another in reality.

We suggest:  Middleburg Hybrid

Why? This is a Hybrid that’s truly between an Indica and Sativa. From Highly Dutch Organic, it’s a rotating variety of strain-specific hybrid flower high in terpenes and THC. It’s effects are calm, happy, relaxed, and energetic. Most Pisces need to calm their allure to dreams, illusion, escapism, mysterious, and the mystical, and balance it with the material world. We suggest that you use this strain at night and schedule this as self-care time. Take a bath, engage in your most favourtite music, including sounds of nature, and help calm your emotions while getting in touch with yourself.

This is the last article of the series. Have you found your sign or someone you know, and tried the preferred cannabis strain? Please let us know if any of these recommended strains work for you and your peeps! We hope you had as much fun with this post series as we did creating it!