Full Spectrum Cannabis & Sherrill’s Spaghetti Dinner Analogy

by | Feb 21, 2024 | A High Class Blog, Starter Guides

If you’re wondering what “full spectrum” means, today’s blog post will answer this burning question for you! For easier understanding, Sherrill Brydges, owner of High Class, shares a vivid analogy using a spaghetti dinner. Warning: this article may make you hungry!

Now, just to be clear, today, we are not talking about cannabis-infused spaghetti dinner recipes, nor are we talking about cooking up a spaghetti dinner while using cannabis. Although, these may be interesting future blog posts!?

At High Class, we offer a wide range of cannabis products. Some licensed producers recognize the “entourage effect” of cannabis and offer full-spectrum options. For instance, these are some of the full-spectrum products we carry: NightNight CBN:CBD oil, BC Purple Kush vape cartridge, CBD soft gels, CBG:CBD:THC Relief Cream, and Zele beverages.

But what does “Full Spectrum” mean? Sherrill to the rescue!

Sherrill’s Full Spectrum Spaghetti Dinner Analogy

Some things in life go better together. Like peanut butter and jam, pancakes and maple syrup, Jay-Z and Beyonce…

In our spaghetti dinner analogy, we have this beautifully cooked “al dente” pasta (hell, it might even be homemade!). Then we have this awesome pasta sauce (hopefully, homemade!), some fresh-grated parmesan cheese, fresh cracked pepper, chilli flakes, and garlic bread.

Sure, each of these facets of the spaghetti dinner alone is delicious and has benefits for consumption. You could technically eat each spaghetti dinner part (or combos) and enjoy every taste of the full spaghetti dinner. One-by-one.

However, mix or toss all of the elements together, and HELLO! You’ve discovered absolute heaven! Nothing compares to the experience of a spaghetti dinner when it’s been properly combined and presented. When a person experiences all those flavours mingled together in one bite, they are experiencing the full potential of the spaghetti dinner.

Intro to the “Entourage Effect” and Full Spectrum Cannabis Products

Cannabis research indicates that most benefits of cannabis come from the “entourage effect,” which translates to all the chemical compounds within the plant working together in concert.

For instance, did you know that CBD is known to counteract the psychoactive effects of THC? Research is just beginning, and we have much to learn about terpenes and flavinoids and how they work with the major and minor cannabinoids (and all the minor cannabinoids left to be discovered!). Check out this study published by the National Library of Medicine.

`Full spectrum' in the cannabis industry basically means `the whole plant.’ Or as much of the whole plant that can be maintained as possible during licensed producers’ extraction methods to create varied products. These full-spectrum products usually include cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Read this MedicallNewsToday.com article on CBD isolate and full-spectrum differences.

What do you think? Does Sherrill’s spaghetti dinner analogy explain full-spectrum and the entourage effect? If you have more questions, stay tuned to an upcoming blog post about the discoveries in science on the entourage effect.

Have you tried any of our full-spectrum cannabis products? What have you experienced? What are your thoughts on full-spectrum and isolate cannabis products?